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The boundaries of customer experience are being pushed everyday with galloping developments in technology & changing customer expectation. We at cnexa are at the frontier of this change. We not only excel at picking these opportunities but acting at them to define what is a complete seamless business strategy – a strategy which keeps your products & services a step ahead of the curve. We build strategies which obviates the need for cross-department integration. Thus, creating a truly remarkable experience for all stakeholders. We drive efficiency & effectiveness along with zeal in your product.
We call it biological business strategy.


Cnexa looks at each business in a different light. While we believe & build industry wide intelligence, we also believe that “one size fits all” doesn’t work for all ideas. We build custom plans based on your requirements & timelines, yet maintaining the sanctity of research.

Primary Research

Survey Research

Whether you need a quick snapshot for a campaign or an in depth study into a particular issue or product, we’ve got it covered.


We talk to your customers for in-depth product need-gap discovery or look how your campaign performed.

Focus Groups

We conduct focus groups to get perceptions, opinions and beliefs.

Secondary Research

Competitor Analysis

Previous research when combined properly can lead to more productive next steps. We make sure, our team delves into this.

Market Trends

We keep a keen eye on the changing market landscape.

Data & Reports

Historical data tells a story & we have a history of building.


Bundling Ideas

Defining branding – iconography, color palette, content strategy, typography, data visualization etc.

Compile Insights

Insights which are pinpointed to specific strategic requirements.


For the long term use & reuse.

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